Teachback - Royal College of General Practitioners

Posted by Dr Dirk Pilat on 31/03/2020

Dr Dirk Pilat talks about Teach back as featured by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), which helps to teach all members of the primary care team how to improve remote (and face to face) consultations.

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Scottish Health Council survey of ME in Scotland

Posted by Leanne McCardle on 04/03/2020

The Scottish Government has commissioned the Scottish Health Council to undertake a gathering views exercise to hear from people with ME/CFS about what good care and support looks like for them. Download the SHC's information sheet to find out more.

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See Me - Time To Talk

Posted by Alan Davidson on 06/02/2020

Our latest guest blog is from William Griffiths, Senior Policy Adviser at See Me Scotland. He blogs about Time To Talk Day which aims to get everyone in the country talking about mental health.

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What? Why? Children In Hospital

Posted by Dr Marit Boot on 08/01/2020

Dr. Marit Boot from What? Why? Children In Hospital blogs about the organisation and some recent videos they produced about visiting your GP.

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Dundee Dinosaur Bones Trail

Posted by Alan Davidson on 05/12/2019

This really innovative idea from Dundee helps people navigate to their hospital appointment.

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Sue Ryder Self Management Service in Aberdeen

Posted by Julie Scoullar on 29/10/2019

Julie Scoullar, Clinical Nurse Specialist with Sue Ryder, blogs about their Self Management Service in Aberdeen.

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Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy

Posted by Marion Morris on 28/10/2019

Marion Morris tells us about the Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy and how its delivering real improvements in outcomes after OHCA.

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Posted by Joanne McPeake on 23/10/2019

Joanne McPeake from the InS:PIRE team talks about the programme which is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of intensive care unit patients after discharge from hospital.

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Walk ON

Posted by Jennifer Stewart on 15/10/2019

Jennifer Stewart, Service Development Officer, Libraries, ON with Fife Cultural Trust, blogs about how "Walk ON" sessions are helping build healthier and happier communities by combining reading and walking.

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