Dundee Dinosaur Bones Trail

Posted by Alan Davidson on 05-12-2019
Dundee Dinosaur Bones Trail

Dr. Phyllis Easton from NHS Tayside was kind enough to show us the Dinosaur Bones Trail at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. It  demonstrates that it's sometimes the simple solutions which can have a really transformative effect.  

The Demonstrator Programme in Dundee focused on transitions of care – outpatient attendance and hospital discharge - and included the whole patient journey from initial written information through finding the way to and within the healthcare facility, verbal interaction during clinical consultation, and self management after healthcare contact. It explored how information and support was provided and what we expect people to know and understand throughout the journey.

The walkthrough involved members of the public who found that signs did not match the departments stated in the appointment letter and the signs themselves were not consistent along the way. They were impressed however with the signage leading from the paediatric clinic to the X-ray department where people are invited to follow the dinosaur bones along the corridors.

Our brilliant volunteers Erin and Charlie helped to show us how this relatively simple but really innovative and effective idea works in practice.





Written by Alan Davidson

Policy Officer

Person Centred Team, Scottish Government