How Bobath Scotland helped Sam with his self management goals

Posted by Sam Agnew on 14-10-2019

Sam Agnew, lives with Cerebral Palsy.  In this guest blog Sam speaks about how Bobath Scotland have helped him with his self management goals.

About 8 years ago I stopped having physio. When I moved from children’s to adults’ services, I don’t think the transition was really that great. It went from, you got a lot of support, to not getting any.

This year I decided to attend a block of individual intensive therapy sessions at Bobath Scotland. The therapy at Bobath was good, because we sat down and Lesley asked what I wanted to get out of the sessions. And she obviously had a lot of experience. We practised different exercises. It was good doing it with Bobath because they have dealt with people like me before, and they knew what I was talking about.

My main goal was I wanted to get looser. But we also looked at how I do housework, which I can find quite tiring. We looked at things like making my bed, and how to put stuff in the washing machine in ways that worked better for me.

At times it was sore, but I definitely felt looser after the therapy. I’ve always got more benefit out of the physios that pushed me a bit more. Lesley definitely pushed me quite a lot, so that helped.

I first came to Bobath through the get together events for adults with Cerebral Palsy. The information side of the get togethers are good. Bobath makes you more aware of what’s out there. And the social side is good because everyone has got similar experiences, because we’re all in the same boat in a way.

Sometimes if you’re surrounded by able-bodied people, in a lot of places, you don’t always feel part of it, but you always feel part of what’s happening at Bobath. You never feel left out, and everybody comes up and talks to you. Everyone’s learning from each other’s experiences. That’s definitely one of the biggest benefits that I can think of.

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Written by Sam Agnew