This section of the website provides an overview of the research evidence base underpinning health literacy interventions. It also highlights some key research about the relationship between health literacy and health inequalities. This includes two evidence overviews commissioned by NHS Education for Scotland, with Health Scotland supporting the literature searching which can be accessed via the related resource links below. If you are aware of any current health literacy research which could be featured on this site please contact us through the Get Involved section. 

Health literacy - Impact

An overview of definitions and papers relating to the concept of health literacy and evidence on the impact that low health literacy has and why it is an issue we must address.

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What we can do about low health literacy

Information for evidence on health literacy interventions and measurement tools.

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Health literacy and health inequalities

Health literacy can be classed as a determinant of health and can impact on health inequalities. It is recommended that improving health literacy can in turn have a positive impact on health inequalities.

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Target Groups

While a universal precautions approach to health literacy is recommended, there are some groups who may be at more risk of poor health literacy.

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