Information Partnership Training

Information Partnership Training

Information Partnership Training for shared decisions in health and social care


This introductory level training is for anyone (staff and volunteers) working within community based settings whose job includes sharing information for health and social care. 

The training can help you to develop the skills and confidence needed when sharing information with the public. It can also help you to understand your values and attitudes and how these might impact upon the service you give. How you think and act in your role will make a difference to the experience of the person you are working with and the quality of the information they receive. In sharing information with people, you influence their ability to understand the information they receive and to use it in making choices about their health and their lives.  You have an important role to play in challenging the health inequalities experienced by many people. You also have a responsibility to ensure you offer a fair and accessible service to all that supports and promotes people's health literacy.

The training modules can all be accessed via the following links. 


If you would like further guidance or information on making use of the Information Partnership Training materials please contact 

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