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    Health literacy and Self-directed Support event - Health literacy/Realistic Medicine/House of Care Workshop presentation

    This presentation provides an overview of the Health Literacy and Realistic Medicine/House of Care parallel session delivered on 26th October at the event Making it Easy: health literacy outcomes for health and social care.

    Download (1MB)


    Health literacy and Self-directed Support event - Health information seeking behaviours presentation

    The event Making it Easy: health literacy outcomes for health and social care was hosted by NHS Education for Scotland on 26th October as part of Health Literacy Month. This presentation provides detail on the session by Strathclyde University on health information seeking behaviours.

    Download (864KB)


    Improving health literacy to reduce health inequalities

    This report from the UCL Institute of Health Equity is part of a series of papers to support local action on health inequalities.

    Download (793KB)


    It's okay to ask

    This leaflet gives useful tips and questions that patients can ask during health care appointments, helping them play an active part in care and treatment.

    Download (277KB)
    Decision Aid


    Making shared decision making a reality

    This paper clarifies what is meant by the term 'shared decision making' and which skills and resources are required to implement it. It also outlines what action is needed to make this vision a reality.

    Download (768KB)


    Making it Easy: A Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland

    The Scottish Government national health literacy action plan.

    Download (535KB)


    Making it Easy Graham Kramer

    Opening presentation from the Health Literacy Place launch event in October 2015 by Dr Graham Kramer.

    Download (2MB)


    Making it Easy - quick guide

    This fold out resource provides a quick guide to Making it Easy: a health literacy action plan for Scotland.

    Download (284KB)


    Making it easy to understand social care funded support

    This resource aims to support anyone who is required to discuss social care funded support with people by giving examples and tools to aid conversations around choices.

    Download (362KB)


    NHS HS Accessible Information Policy

    An accessible information policy created by NHS Health Scotland looking at producing materials and health literacy considerations.

    Find out more


    NHS A&A Health Literacy and Health Information presentation

    Within NHS Ayrshire & Arran the Health Promotion Team deliver training which covers health literacy and creating effective health information displays.

    Download (2MB)


    NHS A&A Teach Back Presentation

    This presentation is suitable for a short overview of teach back and takes roughly 15 minutes to deliver, the presentation has been developed by NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

    Download (489KB)


    NHS A&A Health Literacy/Health Information training flyer

    NHS Ayrshire & Arran Health Literacy/Health Information training course flyer providing an overview of the course, links to KSF and details of how to book.

    Find out more


    NHS Education for Scotland Health Literacy Leaflet

    Leaflet for Health and Social Care staff raising awareness of health literacy, why it is important, what is being asked of staff and the support available.

    Download (157KB)


    NES Health Literacy Training

    This training aims to increase skills and knowledge with health literacy supporters and others with an interest in health literacy to allow them to cascade information and resources to others that they come into contact with.

    Download (15KB)


    NHS Forth Valley Literacy and Health awareness session

    This presentation is used to deliver a two hour awareness raising session in Forth Valley and has been developed in partnership between NHS Forth Valley and Community Learning and Development Staff from Falkirk Council.

    Download (2MB)