Sue Ryder Self Management Service in Aberdeen

Posted by Julie Scoullar on 29/10/2019

Julie Scoullar, Clinical Nurse Specialist with Sue Ryder, blogs about their Self Management Service in Aberdeen.

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Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy

Posted by Marion Morris on 28/10/2019

Marion Morris tells us about the Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy and how its delivering real improvements in outcomes after OHCA.

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Posted by Joanne McPeake on 23/10/2019

Joanne McPeake from the InS:PIRE team talks about the programme which is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of intensive care unit patients after discharge from hospital.

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Walk ON

Posted by Jennifer Stewart on 15/10/2019

Jennifer Stewart, Service Development Officer, Libraries, ON with Fife Cultural Trust, blogs about how "Walk ON" sessions are helping build healthier and happier communities by combining reading and walking.

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A National Health Literacy Academy?

Posted by Dr Graham Kramer on 15/10/2019

Dr Graham Kramer, GP and steering group member of Health Literacy UK and Clinical Lead for Scotland’s House of Care blogs about his recent learning visit to Health Literacy Media

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How Bobath Scotland helped Sam with his self management goals

Posted by Sam Agnew on 14/10/2019

Sam Agnew, lives with Cerebral Palsy. In this guest blog Sam speaks about how Bobath Scotland have helped him with his self management goals.

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My Incredible Journey - Michael Byrne

Posted by Michael Byrne on 09/10/2019

Michael Byrne. Founder and Managing Director of Lived Experience Trauma Support (LETS) writes a moving and inspirational poem about his journey to being diagnosed with and self managing his complex PTSD.

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Self Management and Epilepsy

Posted by Rona Johnson on 04/10/2019

Rona Johnson, Policy and Campaigns Officer with Epilepsy Scotland, blogs about how people with epilepsy can use self management to help lower their seizure risk and understand their individual seizure-triggers.

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Self-Management: the Art of the Invisible

Posted by Mark Hoolahan on 02/10/2019

Mark Hoolahan, Chief Executive of The Thistle Foundation blogs about Self Management

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What matters to you? A question rarely posed.

Posted by Alan Davidson on 02/10/2019

Read about how the Thistle Foundation helped Alice by asking "What matters to you?" instead of "What's the matter with you?"

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