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    NHS Education for Scotland Health Literacy Leaflet

    Leaflet for Health and Social Care staff raising awareness of health literacy, why it is important, what is being asked of staff and the support available.

    Download (157KB)


    NES Health Literacy Training

    This training aims to increase skills and knowledge with health literacy supporters and others with an interest in health literacy to allow them to cascade information and resources to others that they come into contact with.

    Download (15KB)


    NHS Forth Valley Literacy and Health awareness session

    This presentation is used to deliver a two hour awareness raising session in Forth Valley and has been developed in partnership between NHS Forth Valley and Community Learning and Development Staff from Falkirk Council.

    Download (2MB)


    NHS Education for Scotland Health Literacy Leaflet for print/screen

    This leaflet is for Health and Social Care staff to raise awareness of health literacy, why it is important, what is being asked of staff and the support available. This version has been designed to allow you to print off or read on the screen.

    Download (109KB)


    Patients' Preferences Matter: Stop the silent misdiagnosis

    This paper argues that failure to diagnose patients’ preferences for their care amounts to misdiagnosis, with implications for service usage and patient satisfaction. The paper describes some approaches to addressing this.

    Download (530KB)


    Plain language thesaurus for health communications

    This thesaurus provides you with plain language alternatives for a wide range of health and healthcare terms

    Download (224KB)
    Good practice


    Put a LID on it

    A guidance document created by NHS Lothian asking staff to pay attention to the language they use, the Information they present and the Design of text and graphics.

    Download (138KB)


    Senior Knowledge Manager - Introductory blog

    Initial blog from the Senior Knowledge Manager for Health Literacy.

    Download (3MB)


    Supporting people with literacy and health literacy issues NHSAA

    NHS Ayrshire & Arran have created a leaflet for staff providing guidance on supporting people with literacy and health literacy issues.

    Download (3MB)


    Skills based views of health literacy

    A blog article by Professor Vikki Entwistle exploring how skills-based views of health literacy have encouraged information developers to design resources that reflect the comprehension skills of the service users.

    Download (16KB)


    The Hidden Problem of Low Health Literacy

    An article on the hidden problem of low health literacy by Dr Phyllis Easton.

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    Case study


    Talking mats case study

    Talking mats is a tool to assist decision making and goal setting for those with communication difficulties.

    Download (28KB)


    Teach Back postcard

    This postcard resource was developed by NHS Scotland. It promotes the use of teach back in practice, explains why it is important and gives ideas of how to put it into practice.

    Download (89KB)


    Teachback checklists

    Checklists for individual clinical areas and contexts need to be tailored appropriately. Two examples are offered below: the first was developed and used with people on their initial clinic or hospital ward consultation when they were beginning Warfarin therapy; the second was developed in Respiratory Medicine with the checks and Teach-Back points used at discharge after a hospital stay.

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    Teachback Feedback Forms

    The routine use of Teach-Back to check understanding during clinical interactions has been recommended widely by health literacy experts and it has been advocated in staff training throughout the Demonstration Programme. However, there is a lack of information about how easy or difficult it is to establish the use of Teach-back and how it can fit into consultation time.

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    Top Tips for Good Health Literacy Practice - NHS Tayside

    This powerpoint presentation is used in NHS Tayside to provide a generic health literacy session for health and social care staff. It is also available for others to make use of to raise awareness of health literacy. Please credit the authors/reference as appropriate.

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